Ladies Treatment ward for Naturopathy Center

      Client: NGST
      Area: 10,000 Sqft
      Location: Uruli Kanchan
      Year: 2019
      Cost: 3 Cr

Design Brief :

Naturopathy center at Urulikanchan is a very old institute founded by Mahatma Gandhiji and developed by late Manibhai Desai.

All naturopathy treatments are available here along with accomodation facilities at a very minimal rate.

Most of the treatment buildings are now old and don't match the new requirements of the increased quantum of patients and new modern equipment.

Hence The client decided to construct a new modern facility for ladies treatment ward.

The new structure needed to house

Massage rooms, different water bath treatments, steam room facilities,

Archicon design brief

We studied the operation of the treatment ward. The patients have to wait for some time interval in between two treatments and each treatment also takes at least 20/30 min. So each patient has to spend almost 2 hours daily in the treatment ward. The experience of waiting in the dark narrow corridor, with treatment spaces on either side was a very boring one.

So our idea was to provide a very comfortable, enjoying, refreshing atmosphere in the structure to enhance the quality of experience.

The Solution---

We created four zones of various treatments and therapies in four squares with a central open internal courtyard for light and ventilation. The treatment spaces were along the external wall group around these courtyards with a corridor.

This courtyard served the purpose of providing fresh sunlight and fresh air. It made the spaces hygienic. It was used for sitting around as waiting and interaction space for the patients.

It provides total privacy for the ladies. Similarly most of the treatments and therapies also take 30 minutes. A closed small external courtyard provided with greenery relaxes the patient in the treatment areas, maintaining reqd privacy.

With all the modern equipment and the refreshing ambience, the new structure is not less than an exclusive and costly SPA in any good city but only at a marginal cost.

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