Boiler House

      Client: Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Ltd.
      Area: 40,000 Sqft.
      Location: Baramati
      Year: 2014
      Cost: 6 Cr.

Design Brief :

Schreiber Dynamix Dairy LTD.  wanted to construct a new boiler house in the adjoining plot.  Though Boiler house is the heart of any Dairy complex, generally it is considered as a functional structure and is mostly neglected structure with least man movement.

However,  the management wanted this Boiler house to be a unique structure, proudly making it  visible to all the Traffic on the main road.

Colors and materials are used intelligently in relation with the function of industry.
BLUE color signify WATER

RED color signify FIRE.

GREY indicates ASH.

Colors and materials are used intelligently in this building. Biomass is used as fuel for burning and generating heat.
Boilers are used to convert water into high pressure steam. Remains of the biomass are in the form of ash.

Roof turbines are provided on top, which work on internal temperature difference.  Lush green landscapes provided on all sides of the structure bring cool breeze inside the boiler house via louvers.

Zigzag shapes of red color panels break the continuity of the length, dividing the structure in two parts, both in different sizes. The boiler house is provided with band of louvered panels from bottom to to 

What we have offered to the client?

Generally the boiler house structure,  though its the HEART of DAIRY industry  is  the most neglected, dark and hot, space ,without proper ventilation. Its treated as  purely functional building in any factory premises.

 But here was a client asking us to design it as the most functional but aesthetically beautiful structure, with not at any fancy cost. 

To achieve this challenging task, we closely worked with the boiler manufacturer, and the client, studied the details and the equipment minutely to prepare ARCHICON design brief. We worked on many concepts and forms before arriving at the final one.

Because of this in depth study,  and the client’s faith in us, we delivered a structure which was in regular cost, but full of natural light, ventilation and a very lively atmosphere inside. 

The colour pallet used for the building is Grey, Blue and Red , symbolically representing Steam, Water and Fire.

This has become the most visited place in the whole factory premises

Even the boiler manufacturer is using this project as a marketing tool for his prospective clients.

When the client has full faith in us and we get the full freedom in designing, we can achieve miracles and give full justice to the project. For a good outcome, a good team work between the client, consultants and contractors is very essential. And one need not have to spend more to get good results. 

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