SQS India Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.

      Client: SQS India Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.
      Area: 1,50,000 Sqft
      Location: Hinjewadi, Pune
      Year: 2015
      Cost: 50 Cr.

Design Brief :

The proposed development was for their own use. It was a plus point that requirements of the end-user were known. Only it was to be done in phases as per their need. So we had prepared a master plan and with only minor adjustments could complete the entire development exactly as per the master plan.

As per their need, and the shape of the plot, the entire building was divided into three block a arranged in 'C' shape enclosing a podium on the parking floors. This landscaped podium can be used as an extension to the canteen as eating space, jogging track, assembly, celebrations etc. As a corporate floor, we have designed an exclusive auditorium, a customer interaction gallery for esteemed guests.

As the project is done in so many phases, we have to study the break ups of the entire Facility which when entirely complete will have to look as one. So the provisions and up gradations  in HVAC, fire, electrical, networking etc as per the phase need to be well thought off, to optimize the overall cost impact due to phase wise working.

The construction management and transfer of the loads from existing utilities to new utilities in working office conditions has to be very carefully handled. As there is a big time Span involved in the entire development, lot of people connected to the project from our office and clients keep on changing. Hence proper documentation of all the important decisions taken for various reasons has to be recorded systematically. To complete the project as visualized in the initial stage as master plan, our conviction in our concept design is tested at every crucial stage.

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