Manikchand office

      Client: Manikchand Group
      Area: 5,000 Sqft.
      Location: Hyderabad
      Year: 2014
      Cost: 5.0 Cr.

Design Brief :

Manikchand flour mill required an administrative office near to the mill. The client expected a grand new structure to represent their brand.  

Although the site had enough space within the campus for a new structure, there was an old warehouse which earlier used for stacking grains was  lying vacant in a state of ruins. 

We thought of it as an opportunity to Reuse the old structure and put it to new requirements.

Reuse of existing space to reduce resources:
The new design not only provided a cost saving solution, but also saved a lot of effort, energy and time instead of a new construction. A double height space was converted into a two storey office space with an addition of mezzanine floor. The window panels,appropriate to the office use, were created.  The sloping roof was removed and replaced by a flat slab. 

With new facelift and decent interiors, The warehouse building was completely transformed into a high end interior office space. It was a very satisfying feeling of accomplishing something from REUSE.

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