Modi Residence

      Client: Naresh Modi
      Area: 2400 sqft.
      Location: Baner, Pune
      Year: 2017
      Cost: 60 lakhs.

Design Brief :

There is a long association of almost 15/20 years with this client.

We had done the interiors of their office and their earlier residence, when the family size was small and the requirements were totally different

Now with grown up children, there was a sharp difference of requirements and likes and dislikes between two or rather three generations.

Parents and two sons with five years age gap.

The social status of the client elevated and a new prime location, 

We prepared our own Archicon design brief.

Minimalistic, straight forward, clean detailing but with a rich look.

A very formal entrance lobby to keep the outsider visitors waiting for a short time, without disturbing the privacy of the living area was created.

The guest coming inside the house has a small welcoming entrance foyer after this lobby, which is a part of the living - dining space.

The dining area is attached to the kitchen, so the entire huge terrace doubles the feeling of space in the living room sitting area.

A puja room space is carved out of this living room space without reducing its grand scale, but getting privacy.

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