Oxyrich Mineral Water Plant

      Client: S. Balan Group
      Area: 50,000 Sqft
      Location: Bangalore
      Year: 2006
      Cost: 5.0 Cr

Design Brief :

Client wished to create a state of the art mineral water plant, with most hygienic conditions. 

Generally many mineral water plants are constructed in steel columns,  steel trusses and sheeting, structure, but  to have more dust free indoor quality, clients insisted to have construction in RCC.

The space of the manufacturing facility was required to accommodate another line of. manufacturing set up and space for storage requirements accordingly in future.


As decided, the entire construction is done in RCC with posttenstioned beams and slabs to get more column free spaces for flexibility of machinery  layout.

There is a large central skylight structure in polycarbonate to provide glare free daylight light throughout the day.

The front block houses a plant office on the ground and first floor.

The staircase blocked on either side is enveloped with a glass structure, in the shape of a "Jar Bottle" depicting the process inside the structure.

The utility blocks are located on the rear side.

The entire area is fully landscaped to restrict dust ingrace from outside.

So, care in the overall detailing has been taken to emphasise cleanliness which is the heart of this industry, not only physically through structure, landscape etc but psychologically also, with the overall ambience.

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