Abbott Healthcare Ltd.

      Client: Abbott Healthcare Ltd.
      Area: 3,00,000 Sqft
      Location: Ankaleshwar, Gujarat
      Year: 2013
      Cost: 100 Cr.

Design Brief :

ABBOTT was very particular about Health and Cleanliness since it is in Baby Food products. Considering this there are many strict guidelines to be followed, to achieve a clean and healthy environment in the Facility. To design the Facility with such strict rules to be followed was a challenge. Human and Material Movement, in and around the Facility, was a task to achieve keeping in mind that we have to keep the environment clean. That is what we learnt in this process and was achieved with great success. Detailing in a clean environment was another big learning for us.

Quality parameters:

  • Hygienic environment. 

  • COMPLETELY Sealed production unit with ‘zero touch’ and ‘zero exposure’.

  • Designed to safeguard the environment by minimizing the water use and wastage. 

The building is divided into two blocks, the administration block and the production unit.

To achieve a contamination free environment, the facility is designed with minimum horizontal surfaces and zero hollow sections. 


The movement of workers and staff members is designed to maintain the hygienic environment particularly in production and lab area.

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