A Raymond Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd.

      Client: A Raymond Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd.
      Area: 70,000 Sqft
      Location: Chakan, Pune
      Year: 2013
      Cost: 15 Cr.

Design Brief :

Client has a global presence, in many countries with their facilities.

The management is very clear about its standards and working environment it provides to employees.

They are very environment conscious.

Though they have a monopoly in their products, they have a learning attitude and are constantly innovating and experimenting.

All these inherent qualities of the client were expected to be accommodated while designing this facility.


Right from the beginning,  it was decided to apply for a "minimum Gold rated certificate" from LEED rating authorities.

The design, the layout, the orientation, the selection of material, construction technology, were all  based on this decision.

The office building was located on the North side with an entire glass frontage to give glare free natural daylight throughout the day.

The office block and the factory building are separated by 7 meters creating a beautiful internal courtyard with green landscape.

The entire office which is with an evaporative cooling system opens up into this courtyard creating a feeling of doubling the office space and having a feeling of sitting in the garden.

This has turned out to be the most lively and energetic space, which can also be glanced through the tall windiws on the factory wall abuting this courtyard.

As clients welcomed new methods, it was decided to go in for precast RCC structure with all components made in the factory.

This reduced the time on erection, the scrap on site, the unnecessary destruction of site surface in case of totally onsite construction and maintenance of quality control over structural members.

The entire roof was insulated to reduce heat transfer, the factory and office had an evaporative cooling system to maintain temperature, and Solar panels were installed on the roof to provide maximum power for the factory.

The entire water from the Sewage treatment plant is recycled.

In all, we got satisfaction of creating an Industrial facility, which is efficient in function along with being  charming and end-user friendly like an institutional structure.

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