Reflecting stories

With the appropriate art along with your ideas and values you can create a more communicable and attractive space.

Blog By  - Surabhi Joshi

What do we see when we first enter a room? We don't really realise but colours, shapes , sounds , smells , textures and light play a very huge role on how the room or space is going to impact the person entering it or the person spending their time there … These things can drastically affect our  emotions, our  mood or even how our day is going to go.. 

We always thrive to connect and create a deeper bond between the client and our art, so that we can design what the client is trying to represent.

We always keep this in mind to show the stories, the ideas and the values the client is trying to bring to life. While creating an empathetic relationship with the client, which brings us closer to their emotions that they want to convey and show in the project.

Our company collaborates with artists and designers, who can bring something unique with a creative touch to the particular space.

Our artists focus on key values in relationship with the client, trying to create a design based on their own emotions, ideas or perceptions.

In most of the  situations the artist has to create a mental image for the client so that they can have a better picture of what might suit or create a better ambience in the particular space. As sometimes the client wants us to have an empty slate and do what we think might make the place and the surroundings more unique and beautiful. 

In this particular mural the artist had the opportunity to represent what her views and ideas could do to help create a better environment. Following is a wall mural that she had to do for a bank’s corporate office. In which they provided her with  an empty slate. Here is the story behind it. 

The bank’s entrance has a very tall ceiling with a grand staircase at the centre. Both the murals are put up on two sides of the wall divided by the staircase in between. On the left side we have a mural representing rural transformation through the bank's CSR activities, whereas on the right side is a depiction of prosperity and flourishment in all directions of residential, commercial and industrial sectors in urban areas. Each having their own stories. 

Surely murals add to the beauty of the space, but they also have the power to be a subtle messenger of the brand’s concepts and their values.

Especially when we think about a bank, it’s always about numbers and figures, which can be overwhelming sometimes to look at, if illustrated. But how about adding an emotional touch to it?

The concept behind these murals was to have skylines filled with human ambitions and aspirations. While aiding the human potential and efforts with finances, banks accelerate the growth to another level, converting every dream into reality! These murals talk about the bank’s contribution towards the socio economic growth of the society. It delivers a positive message of growth, development and speed. 

With a lot of thought she chose geometrical shapes that are easy to recognize and easy to remember. When used with playful intentions, they can give a number of infinite possibilities, to convert complicated ideas into simple concepts. In a double height spacious entrance, it catches your eyes immediately, from a distance as well. For the color palette a very specific use of deeply rooted tints of earthen browns, lushness of olive green infusing freshness, leads to a combination of humbleness and generosity, with a hint of golden lining which represents the bank’s achievements. 

The massive mural at the size of 240 sq. ft. which was made out of mdf boards that were pasted on to each other to create a 3D effect. The stainless steel gold was used minimally in this design so that in contrast with the opaque mdf boards , so that it reflects the light and creates movement in the stillness.

The rural mural has mountains touching the sky, lush green landscapes, a house and a river flowing by. Every child’s favourite sketch. Bank’s CSR activities help to transform this sketch from imagination into existence. An upward looking triangle, being the strongest shape of all, indicates growth. And the other facing downward, creates an illusion of reflection, giving us a feel of running water.

Ever since the time of history art and architecture go hand in hand. They both wouldn’t exist without each other.

The reason why the murals were chosen was that even though the bank had a beautiful location and a decent interior, the warmth of the place was missing due to the very corporate vibe the place had. The murals totally took over that problem as they added more playfulness to the place in a very subtle way.

The murals are not very abstract, they touch and connect with the thought process of anybody and everybody looking at them. It also connects them to the storyline behind it, that is to bring them closer to their dreams and aspirations. A decision was made of adding such a beautifully thought art piece instead of a sculpture or a painting that doesn’t connect with the bank’s storyline. It was to show what the bank symbolically represents in the form of art. The silver lining of these murals ultimately suggests that we take a minute off and admire its beauty.

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