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As a profession, we must work for our clients's needs and aspirations. But along with our clients, as a contributor, to the overall development, we feel, we also should fulfil needs and aspirations of two other sets of people.

The appearance of the building form should inspire the "passer bye". It should reflect the honesty of form, and fenestrations. It should be inviting and not dominating.

It should create positivity, hope and curiosity in one's mind.

Secondly, the ambience of the building should make the "end-users", charged with energy, enthusiasm to perform their functions. The success of the building is in the quality of the output generated from these end-users.

We strongly believe, that, the innovation, the uniqueness, the integrity, the appropriateness, of any structure is the direct outcome of the vision and culture of the organisation, responsible in the designing that space.........

Archicon design continues to thrive with this "culture", since its inception. It's a family of like-minded colleagues, vendors, consultants.

The team of colleagues, working in Archicon sees hope, future, opportunities, and care.

An employee entered as an office boy at 1987, is now working with us as a Liasoning executive. Another one, joined as a driver ten years ago, is moulded as a 3-d visualiser, creating superior 3-d views and walkthroughs. Third one, again absorbed as a driver, is now a seasoned interior site supervisor

We have a fleet of repeat clients, consultants, vendors with whom we are associated since more than 35 years

We strongly believe, we need to adapt to changing times and requirements, so along with the legacy and goodwill of over 35 years , we have , dynamic, creative new generation team of partner ar. Nikhil and other colleagues, creating contemporary architecture

To complete the missing link of graphics, signages, murals and paintings to enhance the quality of ambience of the space we design, we now have a young creative storyteller, Surabhi, in our team.

So we now look at Archicon Design, not just as a consultancy firm, but as a Design Lab, deliberating, churning, and experimenting to create unique, innovative spaces.

We, both of us as partners, wish to see Archicon family growing with us in the journey of providing contemporary architecture and interior spaces, pan India.

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Ar. Satish Joshi.

Sr. Partner.

Ar. Satish Joshi is a bachelor of Architecture from J. J. College of Architecture, Mumbai from the batch of 1977. Working in a couple of prominent architectural firms in Mumbai and Pune, he started his own practise in 1982.

He was involved in admin building project for sant Sawata mali sugar factory at Malinagar, near Akluj and couple of housing projects and interior projects in Pune, before he joined hands with three of his college mates as one of the four directors to start ARCHIVISTA cons.pvt.ltd. in 1987. The Association continued till 2005, during which many award winning projects were designed.

In 2005, two of the directors namely Ar. Satish Joshi and Ar. Deepak Deshchougule opted out from the Archivista, to form ARCHICON ASSOCIATES, a partnership firm. Ar. Nikhil Joshi joined as associates in 2013.

During this association, from 2005 to 2019, the firm could design many industrial projects in and outside Maharashtra in other parts of India, in Solapur, Baramati, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gujrath, and Rajasthan.

After the retirement of Ar. Deepak Deshchougule, Ar. Nikhil Joshi, and Ar. Satish Joshi are now architect partners in a new firm called " Archicon Design" , where they carry the legacy and goodwill of Archicon , of these many years and transform themselves into an innovative , multidisciplinary design firm.

The firm as well as Ar. Satish Joshi has a goodwill in the market because of the customer centric approach, ethical practices, and transparency in dealing.

Ar. Satish Joshi has an eye for detailing, in architectural and interior projects.

He has undergone training under HUDCO at Chennai, on Laurie Baker sustainable technology.


Ar. Nikhil Joshi

Ar. Nikhil Joshi has done B Arch from J J school of architecture, Mumbai. He has an inclination towards contemporary architecture. Post his graduation , he went to work under Ar. Sanjay Mohe, Bangalore.

After gathering a good experience for a year, he left for a solo trip in the mountains of Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, helping the localites with his skills and knowledge. He started developing an interest towards vernacular architecture. There he mapped out his journey in series of photographs, living in the Buddhist monestry and spending days with local people.

After this enriching experience, he decided to explore the small international village of Auroville, which is Known for it's culture of innovation and experimentation. There he developed an interest towards mud architecture and he worked under french Ar. Satprem , where he learned many techniques of mud architecture.

After learning and practicing the craft he came back to Pune. He is always interested in learning new trends and forms of architecture and designing. With this curious attitude he did his M. Arch in digital and bionic architecture from Sinhagad college, Pune.

His design style is shaped by all his experiences. He always explores new design styles and all his building concepts are unique. His designs have a central theme and every element is neatly crafted to serve this central concept.

He is very much involved in the design and execution process from the start to the end. This dedicated attitude has earned him respect among his clients at such a young age.

He joined Archicon associates in the year 2015, as a managing partner. Now he is a partner in Archicon design, alongside Ar. Satish Joshi.

He believes that, when we create something, it is going to remain in this world for long time. We will be able to see it physically on Google Earth even after next 20 years. So we at Archicon Design feel that our creations should be adaptable and flexible to current needs and future trends. Our work should keep adding values to our clients beyond their expectations.

His contribution in Archicon design, projects such as, Prajapita bramhakumari's jagdamba bhavan, IISER's science activity centre or R &D centre for Tata Motors, speaks for his vision of futuristic design.

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